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  • Measuring range up to 10 m on black targets and up to 30 m on white targets, compact dimensions
  • Output rate up to 3,000/s
  • Repeatability: 0.5 mm to 5 mm
  • Reliable, patented HDDM time-of-flight technology
  • Withstands extreme temperatures from –40 °C to +65 °C thanks to rugged metal housing
  • Shape comparison integrated in sensor
  • IO-Link, analog and digital output
  • Display with intuitive operation and easy-teach option
  • Enclosure rating IP 65 and IP 67
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  • Highest reliability, ambient light immunity and price/performance ratio thanks to HDDM technology
  • Measuring ranges of 10 m or 20 m directly on the object or 50 m on the reflector
  • Different performance levels depending on the product and laser class
  • Various interfaces: Digital, analog or serial
  • Display with intuitive and consistent operating concept
  • Rugged zinc die cast housing
  • Wide operating temperature range from –30 °C to +65 °C
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  • Highest reliability, ambient light immunity and best price/performance ratio thanks to HDDM technology
  • Measuring range of 0.05 m to 12 m for natural objects or 0.2 m to 35 m for reflective tape
  • Devices with analog and digital output, or just switching
  • Infrared or red emitted light in laser class 1 or 2
  • Repeatability: 0.5 mm to 5 mm
  • Compact housing size
  • IO-Link
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  • Long range distance sensor with infrared laser featuring HDDM+ technology
  • Measures natural objects (DT1000) or reflectors (DL1000)
  • Dust-proof and waterproof housing (IP 65 and IP 67) made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Configurable digital inputs and outputs, analog output and fieldbus interfaces (dependent on variant)
  • Measures hot surfaces (DT1000)
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  • Measuring range up to 300 m (dependent on type)
  • Numerous fieldbus interfaces
  • Pre-failure notification and diagnostic data available
  • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs
  • Small, rugged metal housing
  • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system available as accessory
  • Elongated holes for zero point adjustment when replacing devices
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Ultrasonic sensors from SICK use acoustic properties. The sensors accurately detect objects and distances, and with excellent background suppression and resistance against ambient conditions such as dust or fog. The output used – digital, analog, or digital and analog combined – is determined on the basis of your application requirements.

Long range distance sensors from SICK combine highly precise measurement results with great reliability and a wide measuring range. Long range distance sensors use time-of-flight measurement technology and can be used to measure a distance or to indicate a switching threshold. Due to their large measuring range, the sensors are suitable for a variety of industries and applications.

SICK has a wide range of optic and ultrasonic solutions that measure from sub-microns to kilometers. They solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications using triangulation and time-of-flight modes. Sensors using triangulation are ideal for short-range, highly precise measurement. They can inspect miniature parts, thickness and shape, etc. Time-of-flight sensors work at longer distances, are not influenced by reflectivity or ambient light − perfect for positioning AS/RS, rail cars and gantry cranes.

The ISD data transmission system enables wireless communication. Typical applications include on stacker cranes in storage and conveyor systems in automated storage and retrieval systems to enable wireless communication from the vehicle to the control unit. An optical data transmission system consists of an optically aligned pair comprising sender and receiver which can communicate bidirectionally over long distances. This is a wear-free, cost-effective, and highly reliable alternative to trailing cables.

SICK’s mid range distance sensors provide sensing ranges from 50 mm up to 50,000 mm, enabling them to be used in a wide range of applications. Due to their highly reliable measurements on objects of different colors and textures, process reliability can be improved. Plus, all sensors have easy-to-understand setup and programming, ensuring they can be commissioned quickly. The perfect combination of range, reliability, precision and price.

Linear measurement sensors from SICK use highly innovative technologies for the non-contact measurement of positions, speeds, and lengths. The OLM sensors' camera-based system determines the current position based on a mounted bar code tape. This acts as a reference point against which the OLM sensor can position itself accurately, depending on variants, over a length of up to 10 km and as little as 0.15 mm, regardless of whether the product travel path is in a straight line or curved.

The sensors in the OLV product family determine lengths and speeds using the laser Doppler effect. This technology enables extremely precise measurements to be made of almost any material – at speeds of up to 80 m/s and material temperatures of up to 1,100°C.

The DMP position finders are opto-electronic sensors that are used for fine positioning that is accurate to the millimeter. This sensor product family is primarily used in storage and conveying, where reliability, speed, and precision are the order of the day. Fine positioning is performed on the x and y axes with working ranges spanning 200 mm up to 2,000 mm depending on the type of device.

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Displacement measurement sensors are laser sensors which measure precisely with a measuring range of up to 1,000 mm. Due to their measurement accuracy, they are particularly suitable for use in controlling, sorting, and inspection tasks in quality control workflows and processes that have an impact on costs. Commonly measured characteristics include dimension, position, and shape. Using SICK displacement measurement sensors can improve the quality of your end product through 100% quality inspection, while at the same time reducing material and downtime costs.

At SICK, sensor data travels by bus: Fiber-optic sensors and distance sensors are connected to a WI180C-PB fieldbus module and integrated in PROFIBUS systems. The communication module enables quick access... Read on
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Distance sensors, detection and ranging solutions from SICK deliver precise information for nearly any application. Over any distance, in all environments.
For both indoor and outdoor applications involving different measuring ranges, SICK offers individual solutions based on ultrasound, light or radar for a wide variety of scanning ranges.
The new DT50-2 Pro distance sensor from SICK provides the perfect combination of measurement performance and size. Based on the patented HDDM™ time-of-flight technology it provides precise and reliable... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 1135