Safe series connection
Flexi Loop / Node for safety switch (EMSS)

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    • Safety-related parameters
      Safety integrity levelSIL3 (IEC 61508)
      CategoryCategory 4 (EN ISO 13849)
      Performance levelPL e (EN ISO 13849)
      PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour)0.76 x 10-9 (EN ISO 13849)
      TM (mission time)20 years (EN ISO 13849)
    • Functions
      Diagnostic and monitoring functions
      Cross-circuitMonitoring via Flexi Loop node
      Short-circuitMonitoring via Flexi Loop node
      Discrepancy errorsMonitoring via Flexi Loop node
      Sequence errorsMonitoring via Flexi Loop node
    • Interfaces
      Connection usage
      Safety device connectionFor dual-channel equivalent electro-mechanical safety switch (EMSS)
      Flexi Loop inputTo connect to a Flexi Loop predecessor node or to connect the Flexi Loop line to the Flexi Soft safety controller.
      Flexi Loop outputTo connect to a Flexi Loop successor node or to terminate the Flexi Loop line with the Flexi Loop terminator.
      Connection type
      Safety device connectionFemale connector M12, 5-pin
      Flexi Loop inputMale connector M12, 5-pin
      Flexi Loop outputFemale connector M12, 5-pin
      Number of non-safe inputs0
      Number of non-safe outputs0
    • Electrical data - Operating data
      Protection classIII (EN 61140)
      Type of supply voltagePELV or SELV
      Supply voltage Vs24 V DC (16.8 V DC ... 30 V DC)
      Power consumption55 mA
    • Electrical data - EMSS interface
      Test pulse interval40 ms
      Test pulse width12 ms
      Test pulse current via the switch contacts3 mA ... 6.2 mA
    • Mechanical data
      Dimensions (W x H x D)68.15 mm x 48 mm x 18 mm
      Weight28 g (± 5 %)
    • Ambient data
      Enclosure rating

      IP65 (EN 60529)

      IP67 (EN 60529)

      Ambient operating temperature–25 °C ... +55 °C
      Storage temperature–25 °C ... +70 °C
    • Classifications
      eCl@ss 5.027371990
      eCl@ss 5.1.427371990
      eCl@ss 6.027371819
      eCl@ss 6.227371819
      eCl@ss 7.027371819
      eCl@ss 8.027371819
      eCl@ss 8.127371819
      eCl@ss 9.027371819
      eCl@ss 10.027371819
      eCl@ss 11.027371819
      eCl@ss 12.027371819
      ETIM 5.0EC001449
      ETIM 6.0EC001449
      ETIM 7.0EC001449
      ETIM 8.0EC001449
      UNSPSC 16.090141113704

    Technical drawings

    Dimensional drawing OSSD, EMSS
    PIN assignment
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