Increasing machine performance with magnetic cylinder sensors

The machine performance can be improved through better coordination of the electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic drive components. This requires the reduction of the step enabling condition for each machine clock with all pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders in the machine. This can only be achieved if the position of the piston is known at all times over its entire stroke. The MPS magnetic cylinder sensor determines the position of the piston for a huge range of piston strokes — at any point in time. This positional data enables the machine controller to realize an increase in performance on the machine.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Position sensor for direct mounting in T-slots on pneumatic cylinders
    • Sensor variants with measuring ranges of 32 mm to 256 mm
    • Analog outputs (for current or voltage), switching output, and IO-Link
    • Mounting on other cylinder types (e.g., round body cylinders) is possible with adapters