Photoelectric sensors

Versatile miniature photoelectric sensors with large sensing ranges

Your Benefits

  • Reliable detection in standard applications
  • Short downtime and high throughput thanks to reliable object detection
  • Ability to handle a wide range of detection principles within a single standardized housing, reducing the number of model variants
  • Simple commissioning thanks to easily visible display LEDs
  • Easy to set up thanks to user-friendly potentiometer (dependent on model)
  • Standard housing that is compatible with many commonly used mounting systems
  • Easy mounting thanks to 1-inch hole spacing
  • High level of operating reserve minimizes susceptibility to contamination


Versatile miniature photoelectric sensors with large sensing ranges

W100-2 miniature photoelectric sensors are compatible with all standard detection principles (through-beam photoelectric sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for detecting transparent objects, energetic sensors, and sensors with background blanking), making them an ideal sensor family for detection applications.

The housing design includes M3 threaded mounting holes, spaced one inch apart, that allows for straightforward, standardized, and inexpensive mounting.

As a result, the W100-2 product family offers an economical photoelectric sensor solution with outstanding performance.

At a glance
  • Reliable detection behavior, rugged housing and immunity to ambient light
  • WT100-2 photoelectric proximity sensor (energetic or with background blanking)
  • WL100-2 photoelectric retro-reflective sensor; variant available for detecting transparent objects
  • WS/WE100-2 through-beam photoelectric sensor
  • Various connection types available (standard: 2 m cable; M8 male connector, 3-pin; M8 male connector, 4-pin; male cable connector available on request)
  • Light/dark switching and sensitivity adjustment possible
  • Wide range of accessories


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)11 mm x 31 mm x 20 mm
    Sensing range max.

    0 mm ... 1,200 mm 1)

    20 mm ... 250 mm 1)

    4 mm ... 140 mm 1)

    10 mm ... 170 mm 1)

    0.01 m ... 7.2 m 2)

    0.01 m ... 6.3 m 2)

    0.01 m ... 3 m 2)

    0 m ... 33 m

    Light sourceLED
    Type of lightVisible red light
    Enclosure ratingIP67
    Housing materialPlastic ABS/PC/POM

    Potentiometer Sensing range


    Potentiometer Sensitivity

    Potentiometer, 270° Sensitivity

    • 1) Object with 90 % reflectance (referred to standard white, DIN 5033).
    • 2) Reflector PL80A.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product