Safety light curtains
deTec / deTec2 Core / Pair

Preferred type – always available from stock
Preferred type – always available from stock
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    • Features
      ApplicationNormal industrial environment
      System partPair
      Compatible sender1213200
      Compatible receiver1213184
      Resolution30 mm
      Scanning range15 m
      Protective field height300 mm
      Response time10 ms
      No blind zonesYes
      SynchronizationOptical synchronisation
      Items supplied



      Test rod with diameter corresponding to the resolution of the safety light curtain

      Safety instruction

      Mounting instructions

      Operating instructions for download

    • Safety-related parameters
      TypeType 2 (IEC 61496-1)
      Safety integrity level

      SIL1 (IEC 61508)

      SILCL1 (IEC 62061)

      CategoryCategory 2 (ISO 13849-1)
      Performance levelPL c (ISO 13849-1)
      PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour)31 x 10-9
      TM (mission time)20 years (ISO 13849-1)
      Safe state in the event of a faultAt least one OSSD is in the OFF state.
    • Functions
      Protective operation
      Automatic calibration of the protective field width
    • Interfaces
      System connectionMale connector M12, 5-pin
      Display elementsLEDs
      Fieldbus, industrial network
      Integration via Flexi Soft safety controllerCANopen 1)
      Modbus TCP
      • 1) For additional information on Flexi Soft ->
    • Electrical data
      Protection classIII (IEC 61140)
      Supply voltage VS24 V DC (19.2 V ... 28.8 V)
      Ripple≤ 10 %
      Power consumption typical1.63 W (DC) / 0.82 W (DC)
      Output signal switching devices (OSSDs)
      Type of output2 PNP semiconductors, short-circuit protected, cross-circuit monitored 1)
      ON state, switching voltage HIGH24 V DC (VS – 2.25 V DC ... VS)
      OFF state, switching voltage LOW≤ 2 V DC
      Current-carrying capacity per OSSD≤ 300 mA
      • 1) Applies to the voltage range between –30 V and +30 V.
    • Mechanical data
      DimensionsSee dimensional drawing
      Housing materialAluminum extruded profile
      Bending radius
      Stationary position> 12 x cable diameter
      Flexible use> 15 x cable diameter
    • Ambient data
      Enclosure rating

      IP65 (IEC 60529)

      IP67 (IEC 60529)

      Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +55 °C
      Storage temperature–30 °C ... +70 °C
      Air humidity15 % ... 95 %, Non-condensing
      Vibration resistanceIEC 60068-2-6
      Shock resistance10 g, 16 ms (IEC 60068-2-27)
    • Other information
      Wave length850 nm
      Type of lightNear-infrared (NIR), invisible
    • Classifications
      ECl@ss 5.027272704
      ECl@ss 5.1.427272704
      ECl@ss 6.027272704
      ECl@ss 6.227272704
      ECl@ss 7.027272704
      ECl@ss 8.027272704
      ECl@ss 8.127272704
      ECl@ss 9.027272704
      ECl@ss 10.027272704
      ECl@ss 11.027272704
      ETIM 5.0EC002549
      ETIM 6.0EC002549
      ETIM 7.0EC002549
      UNSPSC 16.090146171620

    Technical drawings

    C2C-SA03030A10000, C2C-EA03030A10000
    Dimensional drawing
    C2C-SA03030A10000, C2C-EA03030A10000
    Connection diagram deTec2 Core safety light curtain to UE48-2OS safety relay
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