Orientation identification of wood boards according to year ring pattern

The InspectorP621 2D vision camera estimates the orientation of wood boards according to their annual year ring pattern. This is done by inferences from a trained Deep Learning network which is deployed directly on the camera and configured by the Intelligent Inspection SensorApp. This allows the orientating of wood boards to become an automated process and ensures a further processing in the correct orientation.

  • Following product families can be used
    2D machine vision solution powered by deep learning
    • Inspection by deep learning technology
    • Anomaly detection tool and classification tool
    • Runs on InspectorP6xx 2D vision sensors
    • On-device or dStudio-based labeling, training and evaluation
    • Web user interface
    • Traditional rule-based machine vision software tools included
    • SICK Nova Tools plug-in support
    Artificial intelligence for SICK sensors
    • Interference takes place directly on programmable SICK products
    • Training of neural networks for classifying images in the SICK cloud
    • Anomaly detection is trained directly on the device using the Intelligent Inspection SensorApp
    • Deep Learning is part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system
  • Following products can be used
    2D machine vision
    • SensorApp: Intelligent Inspection SensorApp included
    • Products by tasks: Classification, quality inspection, positioning, measuring, 2D, Code reading
    • Internal lighting: Red, blue
    • Lens: 9.6 mm
    • Working distance: 70 mm ... 1,500 mm
    • Sensor resolution: 1,280 px x 1,024 px (1.3 Mpixel)
    • Sensor: CMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
    • Optical focus: Adjustable focus (electric)
    Please note: Support for this product is possibly not yet available in your market. Please contact your local SICK subsidiary for more information.
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