Magazine positioning solutions for different solar panel sizes

As the magazine transports the glass to different operations, the handling process adds risk to ever more valuable modules. A SICK integrated environment controls the risks with stable and cost-effective solutions. Here, an OD Value laser short range distance sensor indexes the panels, and reports their size and orientation. The IME12 inductive proximity sensor is responsible for sensing the beginning and end positions of the magazine.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable, non-contact distance measurement independent of the surface, minimizes machine downtime
  • Extremely easy teach-in function for fast, low-cost setup
  • Easy integration into production based on standardized interfaces
  • Following product families can be used
    Product family OD Value
    Simply accurate measurement
    • Several measurement ranges from 26 mm ... 34 mm to 100 mm ... 500 mm
    • CMOS receiving element for measurement independent of surface
    • Easy, LED-based user and teach-in concept
    • Wide range of models and a wide range of standard interfaces
    • Laser technology for precise measurement of very small objects
    • Compact stand-alone device
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    Product family IM AC
    The economical standard for use in industrial environments
    • Types: M12 to M30
    • Simple sensing ranges: 2 to 15 mm
    • Electrical configuration: AC 2-wire, AC/DC 2-wire
    • Enclosure rating: IP67
    • Temperature range: –25 °C to 75 °C
    • Nickel-plated brass housing; plastic sensing face
    Product family IME
    The economic standard for use in industrial environments
    • Types: M8 to M30
    • Extended sensing ranges: 1.5 mm to 38 mm
    • Electrical configuration: DC 3-/4-wire, DC 2-wire
    • Enclosure rating: IP 67
    • Temperature range: –25 °C to +75 °C
    • Nickel-plated brass housing; plastic sensing face