Detection of 6 degrees of pitch of ships

When a ship is in port, it is imperative to know its exact position. A 3D LiDAR sensor uses its multilayer detection capability, a high scanning point density, and an aperture angle of 120° to reliably detect its environment. A special mirror technology ensures a high scanning field stability. With the aid of multi-echo technology, the sensor scans through rain, dust, and fog while at the same time multiplying the point density. These properties are particularly useful for creating a gap-free 3D point cloud that allows the precise and rapid detection of a large working range, such as a ship.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Long sensing range even when detecting dark surfaces
    • High angular resolution of up to 0.0625 degrees
    • High immunity to solar radiation
    • Synchronous monitoring of up to six different fields
    • Small laser spot diameter even at long distances
    • Gap-free detection across 24 scanning layers at an aperture angle of 120°
    • Fine angular resolution with high scanning point density
    • Reliability thanks to multi-echo technology
    • Convenient and customer-friendly web server interface for configuration