Anti-collision of cranes during material handling

During the material handling process, multiple cranes are used. Without proper protection and warning systems, cranes on the same runway can collide with one another. Using time-of-flight technology, a mid range distance measurement sensor mounted on each side of each crane is able to reliably detect approaching cranes and stationary walls up to 50 m away. Reflective tape is affixed to each crane. Able to operate in temperatures up to +65 °C and with a tough die-cast metal housing, this sensor is ideal in logistics areas. Alternatively, long range distance or ultrasonic sensors can also solve this task.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Measuring range up to 300 m (dependent on type)
    • Numerous fieldbus interfaces
    • Pre-failure notification and diagnostic data available
    • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs
    • Small, rugged metal housing
    • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system available as accessory
    • Elongated holes for zero point adjustment when replacing devices
    • Highest reliability, ambient light immunity and price/performance ratio thanks to HDDM technology
    • Measuring ranges of 10 m or 20 m directly on the object or 50 m on the reflector
    • Different performance levels depending on the product and laser class
    • Various interfaces: Digital, analog or serial
    • Display with intuitive and consistent operating concept
    • Rugged zinc die cast housing
    • Wide operating temperature range from –30 °C to +65 °C