Detection of flat objects on conveyor belts

Whether printed circuit boards, displays, smartphones or battery pouch cells: The WTF4F photoelectric proximity sensor with foreground suppression reliably detects very flat objects on conveyor belts down to less than 1 mm. Detection is reliable and certain even for reflective, contrast-rich or jet black surfaces. In the event of conveyor belt vibration, reliable detection is also made possible by adjustment of the sensing distance.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Technologies: ForegroundSuppression, DoubleLine, V-optics and MultiSwitch
    • Two switching points and distance value output in one device
    • Diffuse sender LED for ambient light suppression
    • BluePilot: Teach-Turn adjustment with optical sensing range and alignment aid
    • Smart Sensor: Latest diagnostics and monitoring functions
    • VISTAL® housing