Your Benefits

  • The small size enables versatile application possibilities even if space is tight
  • Quicker and cheaper installation thanks to direct connection option for trigger sensors
  • Very little programming work needed in the control due to intelligent process logics in the device
  • Easy configuration through SOPAS ET or the integrated web server saves time and costs for commissioning
  • Maximum flexibility when programming individual software solutions with SICK AppSpace
  • The rugged design enables reliable operation - even in tough industrial environments


The RFU61x is the smallest read/write device of its type on the market. It is perfectly suited for IoT applications directly on the workpiece or component. The RFU61x therefore rounds out the UHF product family from SICK by enabling continuous identification along the entire value chain for the first time. The interfaces of the RFU61x enable direct connection of a trigger sensor, whereby the RFU61x can be used as a remote, self-supporting unit. Thanks to the integrated process logic, data can be processed directly in the RFU61x and passed onto the control. Like the other RFU devices, the RFU61x can also be programmed according to individual requirements using the SICK AppSpace eco-system.

At a glance
  • Extremely compact design
  • Reading range up to 0.5 m
  • Connection option for trigger sensors
  • Linkage option to superior control systems or directly to the cloud
  • Antenna and data processing integrated in the sensor
  • Configuration via SOPAS ET or integrated web server
  • Can be used with SICK AppSpace
  • Rugged design in accordance with IP67



Complete transparency with the RFU family

Continuous and company-wide identification with a single technology is now possible for the first time. The RFU61x achieves complete transparency in production and logistics processes – from component assembly to the shipment of the end product. The foundation for this is UHF RFID technology: IIoT applications with scanning ranges of 0 to 10 m, bulk reading and resistance to interfering factors such as light, dirt and dust. A direct line of sight to the data card is also not required.

Continuous identification solution for production and logistics process

The RFU61x complements the near field product portfolio. A continuous UHF RFID identification solution for read/write ranges of 0 to 10 m is therefore possible for the first time.
The RFU family features a uniform operating and configuring interface. The user-friendly software ensures quick and easy installation as well as fault-free operation.
SICK supports the planning and design of the read/write stations and helps to select a suitable transponder. A worldwide network of service technicians is available for commissioning at the customer site.

The RFU61x RFID read/write device, part of the RFID identification solutions from SICK, is allowing for full transparency along the entire value chain for the first time - and all with one technology

Intelligent UHF RFID identification in the smallest of spaces

The RFU61x is the smallest RFID read/write device of its type. It is optimally suited for IIoT applications for identifying workpieces or components. Diverse interfaces allow for the direct connection of trigger sensors. Intelligent data processing is already integrated. The RFU61x can therefore be used as a self-sufficient remote unit.
The RFU61x is optimally suited for applications with small installation spaces. Despite its compact dimensions, it offers the advantages of UHF technology.
The direct connection of a trigger sensor enables quick and easy commissioning.
The integrated process logic cleverly processes read data for all target systems from the control to the cloud.

The compact RFU61x is optimally suited for applications which do not offer much installation space. The sensor independently performs the triggering, reading and writing as well as processing of data.

SICK LifeTime Services

SICK’s services increase machine and plant productivity, enhance the safety of people all over the world, provide a solid foundation for a sustainable business operation, and protect investment goods. In addition to its usual consulting services, SICK provides direct on-site support during the conceptual design and commissioning phases as well as during operation.

The range of services not only covers aspects like maintenance and inspection, but also includes performance checks as well as upgrades and retrofits. Modular or customized service contracts extend the service life of plants and therefore increase their availability. If faults occur or limit values are exceeded, these are detected at all times by the corresponding sensors and systems.

Consulting and design Application-specific advice on the product, its integration and the application itself.
Commissioning and maintenance Application-optimized and sustainable ─ thanks to professional commissioning and maintenance by a trained SICK service technician.
Service contracts Extended warranty, SICK Remote Service, 24-hour helpdesk, maintenance, availability guarantees and other modular components can be individually combined on request.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Product categoryRFID read/write device with integrated antenna
    Frequency bandUHF (860 MHz ... 960 MHz)
    VersionShort Range
    Read range≤ 0.5 m
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP, PoE, OPC UA
    Weight313 g
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