FLOWSIC500: The world's first compact ultrasonic gas meter for natural gas distribution

Sep 25, 2012

Ultrasonic flow meters are so far advanced when it comes to custody transfer readings: ultra-modern technology for ultra-reliable measurements. The new compact FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas meter from SICK is specially designed for custody transfer natural gas flow readings, allowing highly precise calculations. It is just perfect for municipal utilities and industrial consumers.



Transfer stations, gauging stations, continuous supplies of gas: natural gas is a commodity and the quantities supplied need highly precise calculation. No-one wants to pay too much or get too little. Even tiny measuring inaccuracies can mean massive losses. FLOWSIC500 has impressed measurement professionals on pilot schemes: now it's here for you. A good idea, a good solution, and various features give FLOWSIC500 a big lead over conventional gas meters.    


FLOWSIC500 gas meter for natural gas distribution with ultra-modern ultrasonic technology. Specially for municipal utilities and industrial users.


The compact design does not take up much space and inlets and outlets do not have to be straight. The actual meter is in a cartridge which can be replaced in just a few steps. Back-up batteries and an intrinsically safe mains power supply keep FLOWSIC500 operating without fail. It can also be run independently on batteries, with a running time of up to ten years. On-site recalibration is quick and simple: swap cartridges and you're done - it's child's play.   Even wear is not an issue. No mechanical moving parts are used, no part of the meter disturbs the gas flow. And specially developed ultrasonic sensors from SICK are insensitive to disruptions, meaning reliable measurements in the long term. Insensitive to overloads, it deals with dynamic load alterations with no trouble at all. The built-in automated self-monitoring system soon spots changes in measuring conditions which could pose a risk to the gas meter's specified accuracy. It is basically an early warning system for measuring accuracy and reliability of a kind as yet unknown in the field of natural gas distribution. There is not even any chance of the gas flow being blocked by the meter. The high reliability of FLOWSIC500 also means it is suited for cases where a continuous supply of gas must be guaranteed, e.g. for hospitals.   And of course that's not all there is to report. If you sum up all the advantages and benefits of this new SICK gas meter there is one word that sums it up: FLOWSIC500. Ultra-reliable, ultra-simple to operate, lower installation and running costs and apparently custom-made for natural gas distribution. And of course it also fits perfectly into the gap left by the conven-tional gas meter you need to replace. FLOWSIC500 comes in four nominal diameters to suit all standard assembly lengths in natural gas distribution and is authorized for natural gas distribution in line with all relevant standards and directives.