Fiber-optic sensors

High-performance fiber-optic sensor with world’s fastest response time

Your Benefits

  • Reliable, rapid process detection, even under the most difficult ambient conditions, such as dust, spray or mist
  • Easy commissioning and product changeover due to external teach-in
  • Cross-talk is eliminated when utilizing bus configuration option
  • Quick, easy setup and adjustment due to an intuitive operating menu
  • Flexible parameter adjustment due to high-resolution signal processing. Hysteresis and time delays can be adapted to suit the application, e.g., when detecting tiny or transparent objects
  • Easy-to-read display, even under difficult installation conditions


High-performance fiber-optic sensor with world’s fastest response time

The WLL180 switches extremely quickly with a response time of 16 μs. At the same time, the sensor offers maximum values for sensing range and operating reserve due to its high light intensity and resolution. This considerably increases process reliability, for example when used in dusty or moist environments. Commissioning is simple – either via the external teach-in input or directly on the control unit. All programming steps, status displays, and target and actual values are shown on two four-digit displays. The WLL180 can be operated either as a stand-alone sensor or in a bus configuration, depending on your requirements. In a bus configuration, several sensors are networked via an internal bus, enabling the settings on one WLL180 to be copied to all other devices on the bus. Mutual interference by fiber-optic heads installed in close proximity is prevented by the integrated anti-interference logic.

At a glance
  • Selectable response time up to 16 µs
  • Sensing range up to 20 m (through-beam system); up to 1,400 mm (proximity system)
  • Bus-compatible with anti-interference
  • 2 x 4-digit digital display
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Rotatable display screen
  • High-resolution signal processing
  • Programmable time delays


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)10.5 mm x 34.6 mm x 71.9 mm
    Light sourceLED
    Type of lightVisible red light / Infrared light
    Enclosure ratingIP50
    Housing materialPlastic


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