2D LiDAR sensors

Lightning-fast measurement – in record time!

Your Benefits

  • The very high scan rate makes the collection of large data volumes and detection of quick objects possible
  • HDDM+ with multi-echo technology for greater availability when subjected to environmental influences like rain, snow, and dust
  • High flexibility for installation thanks to rotating male/female connectors
  • Integrated field evaluation and measured data output makes it possible to tackle various applications with one sensor
  • Low setup costs: Identical telegram for all 2D LiDAR sensors from SICK
  • Fields that are easy to teach in save time during setup
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to high weather resistance


Lightning-fast measurement – in record time!

The LMS1000 is SICK’s quickest 2D LiDAR sensor at 150 Hz. Even when the weather is bad, the high speed and exceptional performance ensure that the scanner collects large data quantities and detects even very quick objects. Thanks to the HDDM+ method with multi-echo technology, the scanner is best suited for use outdoors. The combination of high speed and ruggedness makes this scanner the perfect candidate in applications that require fast data acquisition such as in traffic management. The LMS1000 is versatile: With field evaluation and data output in one sensor, it is the ideal solution in a wide range of tasks and rotating male connectors make mounting flexible. User-friendly operation rounds of this exceptional profile.

At a glance
  • Efficient sensor with integrated high-speed evaluation
  • High weather resistance and reliability through HDDM+ with multi-echo technology
  • Field evaluation and measured data in one sensor
  • Easy configuration, with the ability to adapt to a changing environment
  • Convenient and simple diagnostics via web server



Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measurement principleHDDM+
    Integrated applicationIntegrated field evaluation with flexible fields, Data output
    Aperture angle
    Angular resolution0.75°
    Working range0.2 m ... 64 m
    Scanning range
    16 m
    30 m
    Scanning frequency150 Hz, 4 x 37,5 Hz
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +50 °C
    Weight1.2 kg
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product