Safety light curtains
C2000 Standard

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Please note: 1.) Concerns installation as a replacement part for previous type 2 device in machine: Regarding Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Article 1, Paragraph (2a) this type 2 device may only be used as a replacement part for identical PL d / SIL2 devices within the EU if the machine was put into circulation before 2015-05-10. Keep this note with your machine documentation. If the machine is sold on, this note and the information it contains must be passed on to every subsequent buyer. 2.) Concerns installation on new machines: Due to the amendment to the EN/IEC 61496-1 standard, this type 2 device may only be installed on new machines up to PL c / SIL1 as of 2015-05-10.
Attention: Product is phased out and cannot be ordered.
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    • Features
      Resolution30 mm
      Protective field height1,500 mm
      Response time≤ 34 ms
      SynchronizationOptical synchronisation
    • Safety-related parameters
      TypeType 2 (IEC 61496-1)
      Safety integrity level

      SIL1 (IEC 61508)

      SILCL1 (EN 62061)

      CategoryCategory 2 (EN ISO 13849)
      Test rate (internal test)13 /s (EN ISO 13849) 1)
      Maximum demand rate≤ 8 min⁻¹ (EN ISO 13849) 2)
      Performance levelPL c (EN ISO 13849)
      PFHD (mean probability of a dangerous failure per hour)2.2 x 10-8 (EN ISO 13849)
      TM (mission time)20 years (EN ISO 13849)
      Safe state in the event of a faultAt least one OSSD is in the OFF state.
      • 1) Internal test. The test rate may not be exceeded if an external test is performed.
      • 2) Between two requirements on a safety-related response of the device, at least 100 internal or external tests must be carried out.
    • Functions
      FunctionsDelivery status
      External device monitoring (EDM)Activated
      Beam codingUncoded
    • Interfaces
      System connection
      Connection typeMale connector M12, 8-pin
      Permitted cable length≤ 15 m 1)
      Conductor cross-section0.25 mm²
      Configuration methodHard wired
      Display elements7-segment display
      Status displayLEDs
      Fieldbus, industrial network
      Integration via Flexi Soft safety controllerCANopen, DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET 2)
      • 1) The length of the connecting cable is limited, because wire resistance max. 4 Ohm.
      • 2) For additional information on Flexi Soft ->
    • Electrical data
      Protection classIII (EN 50178)
      Output signal switching devices (OSSDs)
      Type of output2 PNP semiconductors, short-circuit protected, cross-circuit monitored 1)
      ON state, switching voltage HIGH24 V DC (VS – 2.25 V DC ... VS)
      OFF state, switching voltage LOW≤ 3.5 V DC
      Current-carrying capacity per OSSD≤ 500 mA
      • 1) Applies to the voltage range between –30 V and +30 V.
    • Mechanical data
      Housing cross-section48 mm x 40 mm
    • Ambient data
      Enclosure ratingIP65 (EN 60529)
      Ambient operating temperature0 °C ... +55 °C
      Storage temperature–25 °C ... +70 °C
      Air humidity15 % ... 95 %, Non-condensing
      Vibration resistance5 g, 10 Hz ... 55 Hz (IEC 68-2-6)
      Shock resistance10 g, 16 ms (EN 60068-2-29)
    • Classifications
      ECl@ss 5.027272704
      ECl@ss 5.1.427272704
      ECl@ss 6.027272704
      ECl@ss 6.227272704
      ECl@ss 7.027272704
      ECl@ss 8.027272704
      ECl@ss 8.127272704
      ECl@ss 9.027272704
      ETIM 5.0EC002549
      ETIM 6.0EC002549
      UNSPSC 16.090146171620

    Technical drawings

    Dimensional drawing Protective field heights 1350 mm to 1800 mm
    Connection diagram C2000 Standard to UE10-3OS safety relay
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