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Explore our latest innovations and discover SICK's success stories as one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications. The SICK Sensor Blog helps its readers stay up to date on the latest advances in automation, ranging from production plants to processes and logistics systems. It’s time to lift the veil on the world of digital transformation.

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The Photoheyler hoeing systems of the consultancy firm Planungsbüro Heinrich are revolutionizing automated weeding. They enable the specially shaped rotors on the tractor attachment to remove weeds... Read on
Generating compressed air consumes large quantities of electricity, making it one of the most expensive resources used in production. The sharp rise in energy prices seriously affects companies, including... Read on
The world is undergoing change. Digitalization is amplifying and accelerating this change in society and industry and also impacting on functional safety in the world of production. That’s why Dynamic... Read on
107 young tech talents, 23 teams, 48 hours, and countless cups of coffee: SICK Solution Hackathon 2023 brought together the inventive spirit of students and start-ups from all over the world with leading... Read on
There are about 51,500 kilometers of asphalted roads in Finland. Around 8,000 kilometers of the roads were in poor condition at the end of 2022. The underlying causes of the damage can be determined with... Read on
On many machines, electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), like safety light curtains and safety laser scanners, are used as safeguards where a physical guard would be unsuitable. This could be,... Read on
The most important approach for reducing CO2 emissions in the oil and gas industry is the separation of carbon dioxide, and its transport via pipelines or ships. In the future, more and more pipelines... Read on
While everyone is chatting about Artificial Intelligence (AI) language models, the really interesting things are happening in industrial applications. The possibilities and the opportunities created by... Read on
The metaverse: By this we mean a digital, three-dimensional, interactive space in which the physical and virtual world merge into one. As an “industrial metaverse”, it opens up for us new possibilities... Read on
Renewable energies, especially from wind, water, or sun, are playing an increasingly important role in the decarbonization of the energy supply. Although natural gas will remain an important energy source... Read on
Schedules are tight. The apron is crowded. And tractor drivers are constantly moving a wide range of aircraft. Today’s airports are a challenging setting for the tractor drivers who maneuver airplanes... Read on
The energy transition is one of the main agenda topics of all of us these days. Using solar and wind renewable energy sources are increasing rapidly. On the other hand, global energy demand is also constantly... Read on
It is said that the most dangerous time on a cruise ship is the arrival and departure rather than the cruise itself. Therefore, safety standards on board are high.Today the third and last part of our three-part... Read on
The dusty, grimy environments of mining and metallurgy can be a challenge for sensors and vision cameras. But products such as the Ranger3 have been highly successful in helping to increase productivity,... Read on
When cheetahs snatch calves from cattle herds, farmers tend to reach for their guns. A group of biologists have found a solution to this conflict between man and beast – and sensors from SICK have... Read on
In addition to environmentally friendly propulsion systems, ship owners are competing for enticing highlights in entertainment, leisure activities, and the attractiveness of the shared facilities on board... Read on
Modern robots are now out in the fields, making contemporary farming operations more efficient and profitable. No matter if it is raining, snowing or hot and dusty, state-of-the-art 3D LiDAR sensors help... Read on
Cruises remain growth drivers and the shipbuilding industry even records two-digit growth figures in view of increased Chinese market presence. At the same time, new quality standards are quickly coming... Read on
By using the PLOC2D scalable vision sensor for picking applications, Kassow Robots customers enjoy easy integration and simple setup of applications... Read on
After three years of construction, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport unveiled their upgraded concourse in April 2022. The airport integrated several components to create a high performance, seamless... Read on
ASI Logistics and SICK developed another milestone in the development of autonomous yard truck operations. Together, they solved the issue of reversing into trailers autonomously. Autonomously reversing... Read on
Packaging machines are used in a wide variety of industries. To ensure production runs smoothly, they need to be able to reliably and correctly detect and process the packaging fed to them. The company... Read on
Deep learning will change industry. Machines will perform tasks that require human intelligence. As the digitalization of processes and the capturing of data in companies increases, so too will the use... Read on
Precision measurements are important in almost every stage of production. Even in cleaning. At SHAMS, a large solar power plant in western Abu Dhabi, small trucks constantly drive between the rows to clean... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 567