Automation in production, logistics, and processes - sensor solutions from SICK are the key to digitizing industry.



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“Digital first” alone does not create added value

“The most important question is: What do you want to achieve? What sort of benefit do you want to create? The purely technology-driven approach that I have often seen in recent years doesn’t get us anywhere. Using a technology just because it exists doesn’t make any sense. Just because machine learning exists, for example, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach for my project. There might be a simpler, less expensive process that is a much better fit. If I commit to using a digital solution from the get-go, it could prevent me from ultimately finding the best solution.” – Fabian Schmidt, Head of Digital Manufacturing at SICK

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Environmental sustainability

SICK supports environmental sustainability and follows in the footsteps of the company founder with this sustainability strategy.

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Green Products from SICK

Sustainability drives innovation. With Green Products from SICK, customers can use fewer resources and achieve their environmental goals.

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Social commitments

Within the company and with the help of its committed employees, SICK supports social activities and assumes social responsibility.

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Employee commitments

Success in business comes from inspired employees. Orientation on family, continuing education and health are our guiding principles.