Working with SICK in a digital world

Working with SICK in a digital world
Working with SICK in a digital world

Making your digital business environment comfortable

Digitalization has made our personal lives easier. But how about in business? SICK offers its customers the greatest possible convenience with a whole host of digital tools in the B2B area. Find the right solution for your needs on our website thanks to the comprehensive selection options and configurators – and all the data are available 24/7 as well. Use our website to access information as well as pricing and availability, or to order your solution directly. Last but not least, we offer attractive online training courses – we are your partner no matter where you are.

Find a suitable solution in next to no time

Often we know best what we need – but not necessarily where to find it right away. The challenge in the digital world is therefore to locate a suitable solution as quickly as possible among the sea of offerings. SICK will support you with its in-depth expertise. You won't have to go it alone. Whether it be custom solutions, which you can find using our configurators or selectors, or certificates, operating instructions and technical documentation. Welcome to your own digital comfort zone.

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Our self-service portal My SICK: all solutions and information at your fingertips

Once you know what you need, there's nothing standing in your way. Using My SICK, you can independently and freely navigate your way through our digital world to get to your goal even quicker. My SICK is your personal self-service portal with lots of helpful information and your own individual access to the web shop. Take advantage of the wide variety of exclusive advantages on offer. These range from simple inquiries on availability and pricing right through to reusing your previous orders as a template for new ones. From default payment methods right through to inquiring on the status of your order. Maintain an overview of all your transactions in a single system, regardless of how you initiated them. Manage your entire business process with us via your exclusive access.

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Get ahead with digital knowledge transfer and digital services

Strengthen your technical knowledge and keep abreast with the latest technological developments with our online courses – that’s a true added value of digitalization. The advantages of online training are self-evident – everything is recorded and documented and therefore available and shareable at all times. You can fully adapt these digital customer training offerings to your personal schedule and access them again and again. Welcome to the self-serve world of knowledge transfer. Welcome also to our supplementary digital knowledge. Our Digital Service Catalog and our SICK AppPool bring together for you SensorApps and solutions that offer real added value.

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Product ID – unique identification and fast access to product information

The unique, standardized identification of sensor solutions and data provides the foundation for easy digital interaction and digital offerings in a world that is currently undergoing a transformation phase. It is especially important that every product and every sensor be individually and uniquely identifiable.

The Product ID from SICK offers exactly this unique identifier and standardized, fast access to production information as well as relating offerings, e.g., SensorApps. In this way we are supporting your digital activities and creating the foundation for groundbreaking automation solutions that offer you even more convenience in your digital business field.

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