Track and trace systems

Track and trace systems from SICK identify 1D and 2D codes, read and write to RFID tags, and provide high-resolution images for downstream processes (video coding, OCR, etc.). Furthermore, these systems provide volume and weight measurements. The systems can be certified if necessary. Object contours are verified. Any combination of the functions listed above can be realized with SICK's track and trace systems.

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  • Maximum read rates and encoder performance thanks SMART+ decoder
  • Integrated interface for SICK diagnostics software
  • Can be connected to all other SICK system solutions for automated identification (= modular system approach)
  • 6-side read capability
  • Start-stop or tracking operation
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  • 100% redundant design (optional)
  • Suitable for belt conveyors and container-type sorters
  • Very high read rates
  • Suitable for IATA bar codes and RFID tags
  • Focus on bags and code reading in real time
  • Tried-and-tested high-performance sensors
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  • Measurement accuracy up to 5 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm
  • Object sizes up to 5,500 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,250 mm
  • Conveying speeds up to 4.0 m/s
  • Certified according to MID, NTEP (OIML), MC and NMI
  • Option of output as point cloud
  • Dynamic scale value switchover
  • Detection of 10 mm or larger deformations on all six sides
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  • Volume measurement accuracy of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm and weight determination with accuracy of ± 5 g
  • Bar code reading of all conventional 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Maximum object size of 800 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Mobile solution with industrial rechargeable battery and WLAN technology
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  • Certified measurement accuracy of up to 5 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm (L x W x H)
  • Detects object sizes up to 2,600 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm (L x W x H) depending on system variant
  • Conveyor speed of more than 2 m/s possible
  • Easy to integrate thanks to MSC800 controller
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  • Static dimensioning and weighing of pallets and other bulky freight items
  • Complete solution with folding steel tube frame, evaluation computer and touchscreen display
  • OIML certified and legal for trade according to international and local approval regulations
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  • Measurement accuracy: Up to 20 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm
  • Object sizes: Up to 2,600 mm x 2,000 mm x 3,000 mm
  • Conveying speeds: Up to 3.0 m/s
  • Redundant system setup (optional)
  • MTTR: Less than 10 min. thanks to hardware-based parameter cloning
  • Central control unit enables easy system expansion
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  • 8/12 k quad-line sensor
  • Linux-based software platform
  • Ethernet-based code data transmission to the SIM2000 controller
  • Integrated computing power to support the latest vision applications
  • MTBF 120,000 h
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  • Dynamic focus adjustment
  • Big depth of field in fix focus operation
  • Tracking function with MSC800
  • Integration into the network concept of the MSC800
  • JPEG image output in real time
  • 2 or 4 megapixel resolution along with a high image capture rate of up to 40 Hz
  • Highly versatile customer interfaces and protocols
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  • Remotely assigns tags to objects and detects the direction of the moving object
  • Remotely distinguishes between moving and static tags and filters them for the host message
  • Distinguishes between pallet and person
  • Stand-alone gate with integrated controller
  • Central interface for all sensors via CAN and TCP/IP network
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Parameter cloning of sensors via SD card
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  • Standard modules with or without antenna
  • Self-supporting modules
  • Proven assignment algorithm for RFID tags on objects
  • Static tag detection and filtering
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Object-based data output on relevant interfaces such as Ethernet, serial interface or PROFIBUS
  • Parameter cloning of all components
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  • Identification, weighing and measurement (L/W/H) of objects
  • Modular system concept for flexible upgrading and conversion options
  • Integrated alibi memory for central storage of LFT data
  • Certified according to MID and NTEP (OIML)
  • Expanded control of conveyor processes, e.g. for object singulation
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Result 1 - 12 out of 12