Smart Fluid Power – SICK sensors for pneumatic and hydraulic systems make the difference


In many industries, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are also used in addition to the widespread servomotors. When it comes to drive systems, SICK is always right in the middle of things with its intelligent sensors. Fluid power sensors from SICK perform measurement tasks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems – intelligently, flexibly and reliably.


Fluid power from SICK – we can measure all of these things

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Our key topics: Your benefits for fluid power applications

Condition monitoring und predictive maintenance

For a long time, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance were just a future vision. However, the growing digitalization of production as well as increasingly powerful methods of data evaluation now more and more permit the leap from pure monitoring to empirically based forecasting of measured values. Sensors from SICK play a key role here by supplying data. They do not just impress with their accuracy and reliability. Thanks to their IO-Link capability, simple and efficient access to measurement data is also guaranteed. This is rounded off by corresponding integration products, which process and provide data for Industry 4.0.

Easy Integration SICK Fluid Power

Flexibility and simple integration

Extremely clever and installed in next to no time. The intelligence of the sensors is also shown by their flexible handling. Sensor integration across all common interfaces such as the IO-Link interface is no problem at all, and plug and play is naturally standard for fluid power sensors from SICK. This makes sensor replacement and maintenance very straightforward. And retrofitting intelligent sensors from SICK is therefore also very simple.
Intelligent Technology SICK Fluid Power

Technology from experience

SICK has a wealth of experience in acquisition of measured values and data using intelligent sensors. Over the course of decades, the sensor manufacturer has not just perfected data acquisition, but has also driven forward intelligent further processing and data use. Sensors from SICK can to more than just measure – they make the difference.

Mechanical engineering and other industries: Smart fluid power solutions keep systems running

Due to their great flexibility and efficiency, hydraulic and pneumatic systems will become increasingly important in future in mechanical engineering, the consumer goods sector and the electronics, solar and automotive industries. The list of possible and already realized applications is long. Intelligent sensors from SICK improve plant and machine availability. Whether in automated part handling, injection molding machines, hydraulic presses or CNC machines – fluid power sensors already check important function parameters as part of condition monitoring. The sensors provide an even more sustainable solution for predictive maintenance, which results from condition monitoring. And that is already possible now thanks to SICK.

Sensor solutions for hydraulic or pneumatic systems in detail

Fluid power sensors for hydraulic systems

Fluid power sensors for pneumatic systems

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