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Safety Machine Analytics

Get transparency about your safety system

Your Benefits

  • Quick and easy integration of software into your system
  • Complete transparency about the machine status and causes of failure in safety systems
  • Increased machine availability due to quick troubleshooting
  • Increase in effectiveness due to reduction of safety-related events
  • Optimization of processes due to analysis and comparison of KPIs
  • Location- and end device-independent access to safety systems


Get transparency about your safety system

Safety Machine Analytics is used to monitor and analyze safety systems on machines. After quick and easy implementation, the software reads and evaluates all system status data and visualizes it in a dashboard - all in real time. The display of error messages supports the machine operator for quick troubleshooting of system errors. Safety-related events are recorded in a database and KPIs are prepared graphically. Systematic errors and optimization potentials can be identified by the analysis of this data. This reduces machine downtime and optimizes processes. Safety Machine Analytics offers a very high degree of transparency about processes in safety systems and increases system effectiveness.

At a glance
  • Visualization of safety systems
  • Real time display of system status, errors, KPIs
  • Recording and analysis of safety-related events
  • Browser-based user interface for display on HMIs, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Dashboard for the management of several safety systems
  • User management for access rights


Perfect interaction

With Safety Machine Analytics and the Flexi Soft safety controller, you gain full transparency and increased efficiency in your safety application. 

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Supported Products



Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview




    DescriptionSoftware license
    Supported products

    Flexi Soft Gateways: FX0-GPNT, FX0-GENT, FX0-GMOD

    Flexi Compact Gateways: FLX0-GCAN, FLX0-GPNT, FLX0-GETC

    Operating system

    Windows 10 Professional 64bit

    Installation on virtual machines is also supported by the operating systems named here.

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product