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Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence for SICK sensors

Your Benefits

  • Fast, automatic and reliable decision-making by the sensor, even for complex tasks
  • Reduces your development time and expense: Image analyses are trained using example images
  • No additional hardware or software required thanks to cloud and on-device training
  • Fast support with the SICK Support Portal
  • Training Deep Learning modules does not require that the users have sound knowledge of machine learning
  • Quickly find out if Deep Learning is suitable for your application using the free trial offer
  • Easy configuration of the camera with the SICK Intelligent Inspection SensorApp


Artificial intelligence for SICK sensors

Deep Learning from SICK breaks new ground in industrial automation. Deep Learning is user-friendly and allows SICK sensors to be trained for customer-specific tasks with little effort using sample images. The sensors can then evaluate and sort objects in line with customized criteria on-site – in machines or systems – even if the natural appearance of the objects varies.

At a glance
  • Interference takes place directly on programmable SICK products
  • Training of neural networks for classifying images in the SICK cloud
  • Anomaly detection is trained directly on the device using the Intelligent Inspection SensorApp
  • Deep Learning is part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system


Artificial Intelligence Teaser Box Image
Artificial Intelligence Teaser Box Image

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking the full potential of Intelligent Sensors with deep learning solutions

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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview


    Training of neural networks for classifying images

    Classification of images using a neural network previously created with the SICK product dStudio

    Detection of anomalies on objects based on a model previously taught in the sensor itself.


    Classification of images based on artificial neural networks

    Classification of images and detection of anomalies based on artificial neural networks

    Supported products

    InspectorP series






    SICK AppEngine

    Supported browsersGoogle Chrome (version 80 or higher)
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