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Recalibration for FLOWSIC600

Your Benefits

  • Maintaining the approval for the gas meter
  • Continued maximum accuracy and traceability of the measurement result
  • Continued safety for your company and customers


SICK is a reliable and experienced manufacturer of ultrasonic gas meters. In addition, SICK sets high standards with the long term durability, accuracy and stability of its products. In order to test the long-term stability of an ultrasonic gas meter, it has to be recalibrated to a specific operating time. In order to maintain approval for the device, the MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) recommends recalibrating gas meters after eight years or in accordance with national regulations. To do this, SICK offers both a standard and a premium package containing additional options, as well as a current firmware update. In addition, SICK inspects and cleans the ultrasonic gas meters to test that they are fully functional. SICK supports customers with customized packages. This saves time and resources.

At a glance
  • Standard package: organization of the recalibration process, high-pressure or low-pressure calibration, functional test of the meter, probe cleaning, replacement of the probe sealing rings, battery replacement, leak and zero point test
  • Premium package: Contains everything in the standard package, plus new electronics block and current firmware update
  • Additional options: on-site support with decommissioning, new SPU housing and coating of the sensor, repair of defects during the functional test, pipelines provided by the customer can also be calibrated, on-site support with recommissioning


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