Process gas analysis systems (PGA)

Your Benefits

  • Early detection of water leaks or excessive CO levels in exhaust gas prevents explosions
  • Enables the burners to be fine-tuned (ratio of CH4 to O2)
  • Reduces energy consumption through optimally adjusted O2 injection and optimal combustion of CO in the furnace
  • The measurement of the ratio of CO to CO2 provides information on the carbon content in the melt
  • The measurement of the ratio of CO to CO2 and O2 enables conclusions to be drawn regarding the quality of the slag


The METPAX300 process gas analyzer system (PGA) contains the tried-and-tested MCS300P process gas analyzer and the TRANSIC100LP laser oxygen transmitter. The system is ideally suited to the harsh ambient conditions in steel plants. The water-cooled sampling probe can handle temperatures up to 1,800 °C and, thanks to its innovative cross-flow filter, is suitable for use in areas with high concentrations of dust. The analyzer cabinet, made from stainless steel, is cooled and flushed to prevent overheating and dust ingress. The automated measurement system of O2, CO and CO2 combined with monitoring of the water content, enables the electric arc furnace to be controlled in a resource-saving manner, while making a vital contribution to the plant safety.

At a glance
  • High precision measurement of O2, CO, CO2 and H2O. Up to three further gas components can be measured simultaneously or retrofitted on demand
  • Ideally suited to the harsh ambient conditions in steel plants
  • Extremely low-maintenance and rugged design