Register sensors

Register control does the work in tough print mark applications

The register sensor line complements our wide range of contrast sensors. As specialists in the register control of printing presses they offer an optimal solution to detect marks in tough print conditions with extremely low contrast, complex colorful printouts or at very high speeds. Our range of register sensors also includes an ATEX certified fiber-optic product, ensuring safe solutions in hazardous areas (e.g. when using solvent based ink).

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Product family RS10
Adjustable individual thresholds
  • The register is controlled with individual thresholds
  • Unique housing: one screw mounting
  • Tight dual-sensor mounting ability
  • Detects 1-18 marks of different colors
  • Easy teach-in via button
Product family RS25
For best performance even in hazardous areas!
  • PLC embedded register control
  • Multi LED (RGB)
  • Fast communication via Ethernet Powerlink
  • Very high repeatability (≤ 40 µm)
  • Detects up to 20 marks of different colors
  • Reading window for improved reliability
  • This product family is being phased out!
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Result 1 - 2 out of 2