IO-Link - Industry 4.0 for everyone

IO-Link offers new options for communication between the system control and field level: Sensors and actuators become active process participants in an end-to-end automation network. As senders, they independently report errors and statuses to the control. As receivers, on the other hand, they receive signals – and process them. The result: cost and process optimization throughout the entire supply chain – across all industries.

IO-Link involves a point-to-point connection that may be located underneath any given network for communicative integration of the lower field level.

Principles of IO technology

The seamless integration of sensors into a automation network enables new standard functions and advantages.

Advantages of IO-Link standard functions
IO-Link sensors are integrated into the overall automation system with an IO-Link master, the device description (IODD) and function blocks. Expand your automation network with IO-Link

IO-Link is integrated as a fixed feature in Smart Sensors. Other features create the foundation for a forward-thinking automation system in the context of Industry 4.0.

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