Automated identification at picking stations

Compact bar code scanners with reading fields optimized for intralogistics verify that the correct tote has been provided. Variants that can accommodate a whole range of different communication protocols allow for easy integration. High read rates can be achieved even under adverse conditions or when bar codes are partially damaged.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family CLV61x Dual Port
    The network professional
    • Straightforward PROFINET connection
    • Minimal cabling complexity thanks to line and ring topologies
    • PROFINET with integrated switch (Dual Port)
    • Optimal reading field for intralogistics applications
    • Compact design
    • USB interface
    • Adjustable scanning frequency of up to 1,000 scans per second
    Product family CLV61x
    Reliable Decoding, Simple Integration
    • Optimized reading field for intralogistics applications
    • Available with SICK CAN sensor network
    • Configuration with SOPAS, the configuration tool for all new SICK products
    • Available in different versions (CAN, Fieldbus) for use in almost any application
    • Adjustable scanning frequency of up to 1000 scans per second
    • Compact design