Coal seam gas: wellhead metering and allocation metering

Gas from unconventional sources such as shale (referred to as “tight gas”) or coal seams is often extracted from many wells distributed over a large area. The volume from each well is tallied continuously in order to maintain reservoir integrity, manage field production, and monitor gathering system balance. The meter incorporated at or near the wellhead needs to operate precisely and reliably taking into consideration that the extracted raw gas might contain water, natural gas condensates, and potentially highly corrosive and toxic components.

  • Following product families can be used
    Versatile gas flow meter for measuring tasks in gas production
    • High turndown ratio
    • Designed for wet gas applications
    • Intelligent meter diagnostics incl. wet-gas detection
    • Possibility for remote monitoring thanks to digital interfaces
    • Two-wire-transmitter with digital HART® interface
    • Full integration of pressure- and temperature measurement, volume conversion and energy flow rate calculation