Custody transfer of natural gas

After production and processing, natural gas is sold to transporters who bring the product to market. Because of the very large volumes involved, pipelines operating at high pressures are used. Measurements must be provided at custody transfer points in accordance to international standards. Such large volumes translate to enormous amounts of money and even a small error can mean huge losses in revenue. SICK’s new gas flow meter FLOWSIC600-XT, available with eight measurement paths, is certified to deliver the highest rated fiscal gas metering accuracy (Class 0.5) per OIML testing.

  • Following product families can be used
    The perfect match
    • User-friendly product family
    • Automatic correction of pressure and temperature effects
    • Available for all operating conditions
    • PowerIn Technology™ for reliable backup operation
    • Intelligent application diagnostics with i-diagnostics™
    • Extendable with flow computers per connect-and-go
    Reliable turnkey solution for fiscal metering
    • Complete calibration is possible
    • Customization of instrumentation including gas analyzer, gas chromatograph, and supervisory computer
    • Seamless integration with the flow computer Flow-X from SICK
    • Available from Class 150 to Class 2500
    • Modular design
    Modular solutions for fiscal metering
    • Utilises the ultrasonic flow meters FLOWSIC600 or FLOWSIC600-XT
    • Available from DN 50 to DN 1200 from Class 150 to Class 2500
    • With calibration the uncertainty of 0.1% is achievable
    • Customization of system components
    • Seamless integration with the SICK Flow-X flow computer