Monitoring of a clamping cylinder with the MPS-G

Component AB is clamped to the welding station using a clamping cylinder to guarantee correct component placement. The MPS-G position sensor detects the end positions of the clamping cylinder regardless of the width the respective component variant. In addition, the MPS-G gathers additional data during actuator diagnosis such as cycle count, travel time, cylinder travel, dwell time, piston velocity and magnetic field strength and forwards this data to the control via IO-Link.

  • Following product families can be used
    Very short position sensors for grippers and miniature cylinders
    • Position feedback with a measuring range of up to 50 mm
    • Up to 3 digital switching signals
    • 16 switching points via IO-Link (1108675-1108682)
    • 8 switching points via IO-Link (1127842-1127849)
    • Dynamic teach-in for up to 3 switching signals
    • Actuator diagnosis data: piston velocity, cylinder stroke, magnetic field strengths, etc.
    • Process diagnosis data: temperature, vibration, position, max. acceleration