Monitoring of a clamping cylinder at the welding station

A clamping cylinder can be used to clamp component AB on the welding station to ensure that the component is positioned correctly. Two MZT8 VIA monitor the two end positions of the pneumatic clamping cylinder. The VIA variants have two LEDs. The yellow LED serves as an optical adjustment indicator and makes it easier to install the sensor and monitor its mounting position. The green LED indicates whether the sensor is in operation.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Can be used in all standard cylinders, linear slides, and grippers using the T-slot and – with the help of adapters – in round rod, tie-rod, and profile cylinders, and cylinders with a dovetail groove

    • Insertion of the sensor into the slot from above makes mounting quick and easy

    • Combined fixing screw (hexagon socket screw and slotted screw)

    • Yellow LED as optical adjustment indicator and output state display

    • Green LED acts as a status indicator

    • Very short sensor housing for use in short stroke cylinders

    • Enclosure ratings: IP 67, IP 68, IP 69K

    • IO-Link and automation functions