Height measurement of a component using the MPS-C

A test cylinder checks the height of component A by extending the piston right up to the component. The MPS-C position sensor detects the exact position of the piston and feeds this back via an analog signal. As soon as the predefined analog value has been reached, the pneumatic gripper grips component A and places it down on the press-fit station. With the MPS-C, you can choose between analog output (voltage or current) and IO-Link (advanced diagnostic options).

  • Following product families can be used
    Position sensors for C-slot
    • Position sensor for direct mounting in C-slots on pneumatic cylinders and grippers
    • Sensor variants with measuring ranges of 25 mm to 200 mm
    • Analog outputs (for current or voltage), switching output, and IO-Link
    • Mounting on other cylinder types (e.g., round body cylinders) is possible with adapters