Gripper monitoring using the MZCG

A conveyor belt transports part A on a carrier to the desired station. A pneumatic gripper then grips part A from the carrier, while two MZCG magnetic cylinder sensors monitor whether the gripper is open or closed. Only when the gripper has gripped the workpiece does the next process step start and the gripper places the workpiece down on the designated test bench.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Extremely small housing (12.2 mm) for applications in pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders
    • Fits in all commonly-used C-slots, e.g. from Schunk, Zimmer, Festo or SMC
    • Short, precise switching point, ideal for applications with small stroke
    • Cable suitable for drag chain
    • LED for indicating the output state
    • IP68 enclosure rating