Differentiation of components during the gripping process

Three different variant widths of component A are processed in a pneumatic assembly system. In each one, component A is picked up using a gripper and placed on a workpiece carrier on the conveyor belt. The MPS-G position sensor measures the exact width of gripped component A and forwards the measured value to the control via IO-Link using the process data. This is how the additional process steps can be adjusted to the respective component variant.

  • Following product families can be used
    Very short position sensors for grippers and miniature cylinders
    • Position feedback with a measuring range of up to 50 mm
    • Up to 3 digital switching signals
    • 16 switching points via IO-Link (1108675-1108682)
    • 8 switching points via IO-Link (1127842-1127849)
    • Dynamic teach-in for up to 3 switching signals
    • Actuator diagnosis data: piston velocity, cylinder stroke, magnetic field strengths, etc.
    • Process diagnosis data: temperature, vibration, position, max. acceleration