Positioning the SCARA robot at the conveyor belt

The SCARA robot must move in sync with the conveyor speed so that it can remove the workpieces from the belt. The TTK70 linear encoder determines the absolute position of the SCARA robot. This encoder consists of a compact read head and a piece of magnetic tape that serves as a reference scale. The non-contact principle of operation means that the position is determined without causing any wear. Using a unique code pattern, the encoder gathers information about the absolute position along the reference scale and transmits this data directly to the evaluation electronics. Once it has been installed, the system is immediately available and completely maintenance-free, which saves time and reduces costs.

  • Following product families can be used
    Ultra high speed measurement for linear direct drives
    • Absolute measurement system for linear direct drives
    • Measuring lengths: up to 16,384 mm
    • High traversing speeds: up to 10 m/s
    • Status LED
    • Non-contact measurement system; reading distance to the magnetic tape: up to 0.8 mm
    • Electronic type label
    • ETL70 with one cable technology thanks to the HIPERFACE DSL® interface
    • STL70 with HIPERFACE® interface
    Measurement of position and speed with maximum precision
    • Non-contact absolute position and speed recording
    • With HIPERFACE® or SSI interface
    • Measurement lengths of up to 4 m
    • For high traversing speeds of up to 10 m/s
    • Reliable measurements, even in the event of contamination and condensation on the magnetic tape
    • Small, compact read head
    • Certified according to SIL2 and PL d (HIPERFACE® interface)