Overfill protection at the crusher

During unloading, monitoring the crusher and continually measuring the raw material flow are important in order to fill the crusher correctly. The Bulkscan® LMS511 laser volume flowmeter monitors and measures whether the crusher is being efficiently loaded. If this is not the case, the sensor optimizes the process with absolute accuracy, without causing interruptions. Using the principle of time-of-flight measurement, the Bulkscan® LMS511 laser volume flowmeter monitors the operation without contact. If the crusher is over-filled, or if over-sized stones are detected, an immediate warning is sent out so that the material transportation can be stopped.

  • Following product families can be used
    Non-contact and maintenance-free measurement of volume flow
    • Efficient and cost-effective non-contact measurement of volume and mass flow of bulk materials
    • Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution
    • Multi-echo pulse evaluation produces highly reliable measurements
    • Integrated function for determining the center-of-gravity of the bulk material
    • Rugged design for harsh ambient conditions
    • Integrated heater allows measurement even at low temperatures
    • Compact IP67 rated housing