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English webinars

Digitalization and IIoT – easy done!

You will get an overview of the possibilities and ways of Industry 4.0. Using practical examples and live demonstrations, we show you what is necessary to implement digital solutions.

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Basics of photoelectric sensors and applications

In this webinar you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the individual technologies. You are able to select the best possible sensor with the right technology for your application.

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Safe Productivity - Smart Solutions to safeguard Robots

Smart safety solutions are necessary so that robots take the decisive step forward when it comes to productivity. We show you solutions for a successful human-robot collaboration with freely accessible robot applications.

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Industrial image processing

You will learn the basics of 2D and 3D image processing, including various lighting technologies and target applications. This webinar enables you to select the best suitable image processing technology for your application.

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Industrial product labeling

In this webinar you will get to know the various identification technologies and their target applications. You are able to choose the right identification technology for your application.

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Monitoring of relevant process values using fluid sensors

No matter of pressure, temperature, level or flow, in this webinar you will get to know the various sensor technologies in the fluid area. You will be able to monitor your relevant process values in an optimal way, which is an essential basis for increasing efficiency and conserving resources.

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In times of Corona, hygiene as a chain of competence - hygienic solutions from SICK!

You will acquire additional qualifications for hygienic solutions for flexible automation, the safeguarding of machines and processes, for quality control and for identification applications. In order to create end-to-end and lasting security for products and processes, it is necessary to master challenges with regard to chemical resistance, thermal resistance, tightness and the constructive design of stainless steel sensors as well as compliance with market standards.

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Full transparency in the flow of goods

Against the background of increasingly flexible, modular and self-organizing transport processes in logistics, the question is where and when industrial trucks, transport aids and goods to be answered in a timely and precise manner.

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Safe HRC Systems / Human Robot Interaction for beginners

You will get an overview of the principles and terminologies from the robot standard EN ISO10218-2. As well as standard requirements, requirements on technical measures, risk assessment for robot applications and design requirements in the field of safe HRC systems.

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Machinery Directive / Basics of Machine Safety

In this webinar we will show you the requirements for the safety of machines and what you have to consider when it comes to risk assessment.

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Basics of short range & mid range distance sensors (1D)

In this webinar you will receive the basics of short range & mid range distance sensors (1D), including target applications. This enables you to choose the right sensor or sensor technology for your application.

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Emission Measurement Generation II

In this webinar you will get to know the future technologies in emission measurement for process automation. The webinar offers you an interesting, interactive lecture to get to know these technologies better.

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Slovenian webinars

Strojni vid v industrij / Industrial image processing

Spoznali boste osnove 2D in 3D strojnega vida, vključno z različnimi tehnologijami osvetlitve in ciljnimi aplikacijami. Ta spletni seminar vam omogoča, da izberete najprimernejšo tehnologijo strojnega vida za svojo aplikacijo.

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Varnost in produktivnost z roko v roki - Pametne rešitve za varovanje robotov / Safe Productivity - Smart Solutions to safeguard Robots

Za produktivnost v industriji so danes potrebne pametne varnostne rešitve, ki robotom in ljudem omogočajo zanesljiv korak naprej. Predstavljamo vam rešitve, za uspešno sodelovanje med ljudmi in roboti, v prosto dostopnih robotskih aplikacijah.

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Hungarian webinars

Azonosítási technológiák/Identification technologies

Azonosítási technológiák és alkalmazások bemutatása:

  • Lézer és kamera alapú kódolvasás alapjai
  • RFID technológia alapjai
  • A technológiák összehasonlítása
  • Alkalmazások lézer, kamera alapú és RFID olvasásra

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Robot munkatér védelem/Robot safety

Megismerheti a Sick hardver és szoftver eszközöket tartalmazó komplett munkatér védelmi csomagját, valamint a Flexi Soft balesetvédelmi vezérlő lehetőségeit.

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Optikai érzékelők és alkalmazásuk alapjai/Basics of photoelectric sensors and their application

A webinar során megismerheti az egyes szenzor technológiákat, valamint a feladathoz legjobb megoldás kiválasztását.

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