Profiling systems
Conveyor Hotspot Detection System

Your Benefits

  • Fire prevention through early detection of overheated materials
  • Targeted warnings in the case of a variety of bulk materials with different temperature limits
  • Optimal retrofitting through simple integration
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs
  • Ready for use at all times no matter what the weather


The Conveyor Hotspot Detection System expertly deploys thermal imaging cameras to detect fire hazards at an early stage of transporting flammable materials. The system continuously and fully automatically measures the temperature of the transported material and sends a signal to the higher-level system to, for example, stop the conveyor belt should the limit values be exceeded. Optionally, a Bulkscan® LMS511 enables expansion of the system to meet additional requirements, such as measuring the volume flow and the bulk material's height, calculating the bulk material’s center of gravity, and monitoring operation of the conveyor belt to prevent derailment.

At a glance
  • Fully automatic detection of overheated goods to be transported
  • Variable warning thresholds for a wide range of materials
  • Expandable with the Bulkscan® LMS511 to add more functions
  • Data transmission through TCP/IP interface
  • All-weather LiDAR and infrared technology