Safety systems for movement monitoring
Safe Interlocking

Safety locking function with standstill monitoring for maximum productivity

Your Benefits

  • Safeguarding of processes and people in a single solution to ensure maximum productivity
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Easy-to-expand solution (e.g., for several safety doors)
  • Extremely reliable safety components from SICK
  • Fewer downtimes due to safe monitoring of machine speed
  • Standstill monitoring using safety encoders satisfies all common standard requirements
  • Can also be used for maintenance work thanks to the reliable detection of the rotation speed
  • Safe speed and standstill monitoring with the aid of SOS optimizes process safeguarding


Safety locking function with standstill monitoring for maximum productivity

Safe Interlocking is the safety locking solution with standstill monitoring – designed for applications with high requirements when it comes to safeguarding processes and people. The safe standstill monitoring function only unlocks the locking device when the system has come to a standstill. Thanks to SOS (safe operating stop), the drive does not need to be disconnected from the power supply. Safe Interlocking saves valuable space and ensures maximum productivity: no unnecessary downtimes, while ensuring safe, cost-effective, and standard-compliant operation of the system. The “safe monitoring of machine speed” function can be used when carrying out maintenance. Proven safety components from SICK increase availability and avoid follow-up costs.

At a glance
  • Process-optimized safety door monitoring
  • Safe monitoring of machine speed
  • Easy configuration with function blocks
  • Available as a complete package or with components that can be selected individually
  • Integration into all common fieldbuses (optional)
  • Monitoring when door opens with SOS


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety taskAccess protection
    ApplicationMovement monitoring
    Safety levelPL d
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