Safety systems for automating material flows
Safe Portal

Reliable and productive solution for human-material differentiation

Your Benefits

  • You benefit from high plant availability using reliable safety laser scanners – no muting sensors are required
  • Allows for adaptive production processes because different vehicles or other objects can pass through
  • Quick and easy integration into existing controls
  • You save space and money and reduce hardware maintenance by eliminating swinging doors
  • Take advantage of the expertise of SICK for efficient implementation of the safety system


Reliable and productive solution for human-material differentiation

The TÜV-certified Safe Portal safety system is used for efficient access monitoring at material transfer stations. It consists of two safety laser scanners and a function block for the Siemens S7 control and fulfills the requirements of EN ISO 13849. The vertically aligned safety laser scanners seamlessly and reliably protect applications up to PL d with intelligent protective field evaluation. Compared to other solutions for human-material differentiation, this ensures uninterrupted personal safety in any situation. At the same time, objects with predefined contours can safely pass through the portal. This enables a very flexible production process at the highest possible productivity.

At a glance
  • TÜV-certified system with permanent protective field monitoring and PL d
  • Detection of objects through intelligent protective field evaluation
  • Function block for integration into Siemens S7 controls
  • Only 2 safety laser scanners with vertical alignment of the protective fields required


Safe and productive human-material differentiation

With the Safe Portal, you get a certified safety system developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13849. Access protection in automated material flows is seamless, continuous and flexible. As a user, you benefit from high plant availability.


SICK has already taken care of the safety evaluation: You can use the Safe Portal for applications up to performance level d.

Permanently safe

When a vehicle passes through, the system unlocks an opening in the protective field. This means the areas above and next to the vehicle are constantly monitored.

Seamless safety for the material flow of your plants

Efficient and flexible integration

The Safe Portal uses only two vertically aligned safety laser scanners, making swinging doors with inflexible mechanical structures a thing of the past. This not only reduces costs, but also saves space due to the minimal installation depth.

High level of flexibility

The safety system can be designed to detect different types of vehicles for complex production processes.

Quick implementation

Using the function block for Siemens S7 controllers, you can simply implement the Safe Portal in your existing infrastructure.

Quick and easy adaptation to requirements


Technical overview

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