Mechanical bolts for safety switches

Rugged mechanical bolt for safety switches

Your Benefits

  • Reliable and cost-optimized solution for door locking
  • Increased productivity thanks to the rugged design and protection of the sensor
  • High performance level due to fault exclusion, prevents actuator breakage
  • Flexible mounting: Bolt can be used for right- or left-hinged doors
  • Protection of employees from accidental entrapment thanks to locking function with padlock
  • Protection from unwanted actuation for variants with catch release button


Rugged mechanical bolt for safety switches

The MB1 mechanical bolt is the ideal addition to non-contact safety switches and safety locking devices from SICK.

Precise guiding of the actuator increases the tolerance to door offset and ensures correct functioning of an installed safety switch at all times. In addition, a mechanical bolt effectively prevents actuator breakage. The fault exclusion realized in this way enables a high performance level for the overall structure. Additional options such as a mechanical lock with padlock receptacle lock or an emergency release reliably protect maintenance staff from accidental entrapment.

At a glance
  • Rugged design
  • Variants with ANSI-compliant locking mechanism
  • Standardized frame plates suitable for many safety switches from SICK
  • Horizontal installation tolerance of 27 mm
  • Compensation of vertical door offset up to ± 7 mm
  • Variants with catch release button and emergency release


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Installation tolerance (horizontal)3 mm ... 30 mm
    Catch release button/ANSI-compliant locking mechanism✔ / –
    Escape release– / ✔
    Frame plate with latching function– / ✔
    Suitable for

    flexLock safety locking device

    i10 Lock safety locking device

    i110 Lock safety locking device

    TR110 Lock safety locking device

    RE1 non-contact safety switch

    STR1 non-contact safety switch

    TR10 Lock safety locking device

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product