3D machine vision

Fast 3D measurement and MultiScan for advanced industrial solutions

Your Benefits

  • High-speed and high-resolution measurements allow you to increase production throughput, and still see fine details, thus ensuring production quality.
  • Get accurate size and position measurements in 3D regardless of an object's height or color, ensuring reliable solutions
  • High levels of flexibility in the field of view combined with the in-machine 3D calibration concept provides true millimeter dimensions
  • Unique MultiScan technology enables one camera to do the work of many, reducing costs for integration, maintenance, and accessories, and creating cost-efficient solutions.
  • The high level of flexibility and versatility of the Ranger makes it the ideal choice for challenging tasks


Fast 3D measurement and MultiScan for advanced industrial solutions

Ranger cameras offer high levels of flexibility and can be configured for a wide range of needs. With its fast 3D measurement speed, data quality, and flexible MultiScan functionality, it serves as a key image processing component in inspection systems worldwide. Ranger cameras extract the true 3D shape of an object, regardless of its contrast or color. It is used to measure object height and volume, to detect shape defects, and for quality grading and size sorting. With its unique MultiScan tool, a multitude of object features, such as contrast, gloss, and scatter can be measured at the same time! This enables reliable inspection results and more cost-efficient solutions since it only takes one Ranger to perform it all.

At a glance
  • Fast 3D measurement at high speed and quality
  • MultiScan function for simultaneously measuring the 3D shape, contrast, color, and scatter
  • Sensor resolutions of up to 1,536 pixels in 3D and 3,072 pixels in grayscale and color
  • High levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance, and field of view
  • In-machine 3D calibration
  • Gigabit Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Technology3D line scanning / MultiScan / 3D line scanning / MultiScan / color
    Scan/frame rate1,000 3D profiles/s ... 35,000 3D profiles/s
    Grayscale measurements– / ✔
    Color measurementsRed / Green / blue / monochrome (without IR content) / Red / Green / blue / monochrome (without IR content) / near infrared (approx. 750 nm ... 950 nm)
    Scatter measurement– / ✔
    Light source
    Internal lightingTo be ordered separately as accessories
    Factory calibrated
    Enclosure ratingIP20
    Configuration softwareRanger Studio
    Ethernet✔ , UDP/IP
    Serial✔ , RS-422, Encoder
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product