Side reading of codes on totes with image-based code readers

The Lector61x image-based code reader saves space and can be assembled in seconds thanks to the quick release mounting bracket. The powerful decoding algorithms based on image processing guarantee high throughput and minimal manual rework, since even defective, contaminated or low-contrast codes can be reliably detected. With its intuitive auto-setup, the Lector611 automatically adopts the code reading settings. 2D codes can be detected in addition to 1D codes. The makes the Lector611 a future-proof solution. If codes still remain unread, the cause can immediately be detected and eliminated using the saved images.

  • Following product families can be used
    The small device for miniature codes and much more
    • Powerful DPM code reader
    • Compact design
    • Snap-in mounting done in seconds
    • Focus position can be adjusted manually or automatically via liquid lens technology
    • Controllable multi-color lights with optional polarizing filter
    • Magnifier effect for detection of the smallest codes
    • Easy auto set-up
    • Integrated laser distance measurement (ToF)