Image-based object identification on the underside

This solution can be added to a five-side auto-ident system for reading of codes on all six sides. If combined with an in-motion scale, this solution can integrate weighing and bottom identification at the infeed points of a tilt- tray or cross-belt sorter with five-side identification and volume measurement. The application uses a high-performance camera for omni-directional reading of codes on the bottom side of items. Resolution and image quality are superior to any other system on the market. The system supports 1D bar codes, 2D matrix codes, optical character recognition (OCR), image capturing, and video coding of unidentified labels. It excels with outstanding read rates even for partially damaged codes and lower-quality labels. Based on off-the-shelf products, this solution can be customized.

  • Following product families can be used
    • 8/12 k quad-line sensor
    • Linux-based software platform
    • Ethernet-based code data transmission to the SIM2000 controller
    • Integrated computing power to support the latest vision applications
    • MTBF 120,000 h