Automated object identification using RFID in incoming and outgoing goods

The RFGS Pro (RFGS: radio frequency gate system) track and trace system is available for quality and productivity increases in goods receipt and goods issue. Reading of RFID transponders is fully automatic and does not interrupt the material flow. Object, speed and direction detection of the system enable unique assignment of RFID transponders. Thanks to intelligent filtering of readings, the RFGS Pro control unit only outputs the process-relevant data, saving time-intensive and costly post-processing. Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools secure a high level of performance.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Remotely assigns tags to objects and detects the direction of the moving object
    • Remotely distinguishes between moving and static tags and filters them for the host message
    • Distinguishes between pallet and person
    • Stand-alone gate with integrated controller
    • Central interface for all sensors via CAN and TCP/IP network
    • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
    • Parameter cloning of sensors via SD card

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