Automated object identification using RFID during picking as well as in goods receipt and goods issue

With the modular RFMS Pro (RFMS = radio frequency modular system) track and trace system, reading of RFID transponders attached to objects and therefore object identification is fully automated - without interruption of the material flow. The systems consists of RFID read/write devices for identification, a central control unit with integrated assignment algorithm and an incremental encoder for detection of the object position on the conveying line. The RFMS Pro therefore ensure complete monitoring and transparency in goods receipt, in order picking and in goods issue. Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools secure a high level of performance in the long-term.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Standard modules with or without antenna
    • Self-supporting modules
    • Proven assignment algorithm for RFID tags on objects
    • Static tag detection and filtering
    • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
    • Object-based data output on relevant interfaces such as Ethernet, serial interface or PROFIBUS
    • Parameter cloning of all components