Safety systems
Safe Stationary Machine

Your Benefits

  • User-friendly configuration thanks to application-based configuration interface
  • Up to 40% reduction in engineering work with software example project and safety-relevant documentation
  • Increase in efficiency in stationary machines due to selected safety functions
  • Prevention of manipulation on the protective device


The safe stationary machine application example describes how the “Access protection with standstill detection”, “Maintenance mode with reduced speed” and “Controlled electrical stop” safety functions can be used in stationary machines. Safety experts from SICK who implement customer-specific projects in the field of safe motion control on a daily basis have prepared an example project and safety-relevant documents in the Flexi Soft Designer for this purpose. The easy configuration of the safe motion control technology reduces engineering work by up to 40%.

At a glance
  • Pre-configured example project for stationary machines, created in Flexi Soft Designer
  • Configuration and implementation instructions
  • Application-based configuration interface
  • SISTEMA calculation
  • Wiring plan
  • Test plan for verifying the effectiveness of the safety function


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationCan be used in different stationary machines such as packaging machines, portal milling machines, wrapping machines, handling machines
    DescriptionThe safe stationary machine is an application example consisting of documentation and software. These can be found in the download area.
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