Safe Motion Control:
safe processes without interruptions

A worker setting up a machine tool.
A worker setting up a machine tool.

Safe Motion Control from SICK allows you to monitor the movement of your machines at all times. What's more, all the signals from the safety sensors and actuators can be combined. This generates information that indicates whether machine operators are actually in danger when they enter or create an interruption in a hazardous area. If no hazard exists, the operator is permitted to intervene in the machine operation even during the running process – the process is not interrupted. This leads to less downtimes and false detections. The efficiency and availability of the machines and plants increase.

Mobile applications

The ideal solution for automated guided vehicle systems where persons may be present in the hazardous area. The protective fields of the safety laser scanner are switched depending on the speed measured by an encoder. Brake ramps and speeds can be monitored. These functions allow a more effective utilization of the available space.

Stationary applications

Safe Motion Control detects a machine downtime and allows the operator to intervene immediately. This enables the work pieces and dies on a machine, which are secured by a door, optics cover, or similar safety device, to be replaced more quickly. The speed monitor ensures safer and more efficient operation in maintenance mode.

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