Mobile handheld scanners

Reliable code identification for demanding industrial applications

Your Benefits

  • Using intelligent decoding algorithms, detects codes regardless of their size, resolution, surface and their contrast
  • Able to detect codes on a variety of surfaces, e.g., reflective, irregular and curved, due to the intelligent illumination system
  • DPM device variants for identifying demanding DPM codes applied, for example, by dot peening, laser marking, chemical etching or thermal coating
  • Highly reliable thanks to the rugged industrial housing with an enclosure rating of IP65 or IP68
  • Easy to integrate into industrial fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT® using connection modules from SICK


Reliable code identification for demanding industrial applications

The Zx36 mobile handheld scanners detect a large number of codes, including 1D, 2D and DPM codes. The rugged housing with an enclosure rating of IP65 or IP68 enables the mobile handheld scanners to withstand adverse ambient conditions. Thanks to the three-fold read confirmation via LED, beeper and vibration, the devices can be quickly and intuitively configured and operated. Corded and cordless variants ensure the Zx36 can be flexibly adapted to countless applications. SICK offers suitable connection modules for integration into industrial fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Ethernet TCP/IP. Thanks to the combination of reliable code reading, rugged design, and easy fieldbus configuration, the Zx36 is also suitable for very demanding industrial applications.

At a glance
  • Reads 1D, 2D and DPM codes
  • Rugged: Survives falls from a height of 3 m and 7,500 impacts from a drop height of 1 m
  • Industrial grade: Available with an enclosure rating of IP65 or IP68, suitable for use down to –30 °C
  • Easy configuration: By scanning a single barcode, using intuitive software or – during maintenance – by automatic data upload


Reliable code identification for demanding industrial applications

The Zx36 variants capture any code, whether 1D, 2D or DPM. The size of the code, surface, contrast or density play almost no role. The SR variant detect barcodes on labels under virtually any condition – including labels that are damaged, dirty, printed in poor quality or shrink-wrapped under foil. The DPM variants are extremely well-suited for demanding marks such as needle embossing, laser etching, inkjet, chemical etching, inkjet casting, impressions and thermal coatings. This means Zx36 scanners can be used universally, as mobile handheld scanners on the production line for comprehensive material tracking as well as in the warehouse from goods receipt to shipping.
Thanks to intelligent decoding algorithms and a high-resolution camera, the ZS36x8 SR is suitable for identifying small, lasered codes.
Due to the smart decoding algorithms and its intense direct light line, the ZI36x8 SR detects even distant, low-contrast codes without any problems.
The integrated diffuser provides indirect light and easily detects marks even on highly reflective surfaces. The ZS36x8 DPM diffuser also perfectly illuminates the barcode edges, thus simplifying decoding.

Impressive scanning performance for DPM and classic 1D and 2D codes, even with small code sizes, weak contrasts and different surfaces.

Extremely rugged and durable design

The Zx36 device variants are the most rugged mobile handheld scanners from SICK to date. They can withstand drops onto concrete from a height of 3 m, making them sturdier than many other mobile handheld scanners in this class. Even after multiple drops from manned forklift trucks onto concrete, the Zx36 scanners continue to function flawlessly. Even dust and dirt in warehouses or rain and snow in outdoor areas cannot harm them.
Protected from external influences Zx36 scanners are dust-proof, splash-proof and waterproof in accordance with IP65 and IP68.
Nearly indestructible Zx36 scanners can withstand multiple drops onto concrete from a height of 3 m or 7,500 rollovers from a drop height of 1 m.
For either in- or outdoors Zx36 scanners are resistant to extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

Thanks to their rugged design, the Zx36 variants operate reliably even under demanding ambient conditions and deliver optimum reading results.

SICK mobile handheld scanners – a good way to make your connection

Using modular connection technology, the mobile handheld scanners from SICK can be integrated into numerous fieldbus technologies such as PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO/RT, Ethernet TCP/IP, or EtherCAT®. When used in systems with fixed 1D and 2D cameras or RFID read/write devices, the AUX loop-in is an economical solution.
Especially when it comes to stationary track and trace systems, manual mobile code reading is often required as a back-up. This can be done economically with AUX loop-in.
This video tutorial gives an example of the materials and steps required for integration in a fieldbus network.
Simple PROFIBUS integration into large track and trace systems is possible using the Connection Device Fieldbus fieldbus module.

Simple integration into numerous fieldbus technologies and AUX loop-in for track and trace systems using modular connection technology


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationIndustrial application
    Readable code structures1D codes, 2D codes, Stacked, direct-marked codes
    Code resolution

    ≥ 0.08 mm 1)

    ≥ 0.13 mm 2)

    ≥ 0.13 mm 3)

    Reading distance0 mm ... 1,520 mm
    Sensor1,280 px x 960 px
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +50 °C
    Enclosure ratingIP65, IP68
    Shock resistance

    Multiple falls Onto concrete from a height of 3 m

    Multiple falls onto concrete from a height of 2.4 m

    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP, optional over external fieldbus module
    PROFINET✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    EtherCAT®✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    Serial✔ , RS-232 TTL
    PROFIBUS DP✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    • 1) Valid for Code 39.
    • 2) Valid for Code 128.
    • 3) Valid for Data Matrix code.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product