High-precision measurement of film thickness

Correct film thickness is a key feature of high-quality films. Even during ongoing production, the OC Sharp detects changes in the film thickness produced by the eccentricity of the rollers, folds, or fluctuations in film tension. Just a single OC Sharp is enough to measure layers of transparent and thin films with high accuracy.

  • Following product families can be used
    Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision
    • Many measuring lengths from 600 µm up to 12 mm
    • Chromatic confocal sensor technology for the highest reliability and precision
    • High measuring frequency of up to 4,000 Hz
    • Reliably measures a wide range of materials and colors
    • Measures the thickness of transparent materials using just one sensor head (chromatic confocal for thicknesses from 30 µm and interferometric for thicknesses from 3 µm)
    • Very small light spot is able to measure minuscule objects
    • Easy-to-use programming with OC Sharp software